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We offer competitive uniforms and warms ups, spirit wear, and player accessories.  Ordering and purchasing is conveniently located at our online store to help us serve you better.

We have partnered with St. Croix Screenprinting to offer this service.  Store login information can be found below, when the store is open.

Visit the Store

Click on the link and scroll to the bottom of the new page to find our store


Adidas Sizing

Trying to figure out what size is best?

Competitive Uniforms - Fall 2017 Information, New Uniform Spring 2018

All competitive players birth years 2008-2003 (8th graders) will need the current uniform kit (blue jersey, white jersey, uniform shorts, black uniform socks) for the Fall 2017 season.  The uniform can be purchased through our online store, or you can try to find a used uniform set through the club's Facebook page Woodbury Soccer Club uniform Exchange.

***All jersey numbers must be checked with the uniform coordinator before you purchase a used kit.  Do not assume that a number will work, even if it is not represented on your current team****

Birth year 2009 players will need to purchase the current uniform shorts and socks.  The Player ID shirt will be used as the jersey for the Fall 2017 season, along with a blue shirt that will be ordered for you.

Our uniform is used for a two year cycle; Fall 2017 is the last season in which the current uniform will be used.

The new uniform kit, which will begin use in spring 2018, will be available for try on and preorder during Player ID and into September.  Please visit the uniform table during Player ID to try on the new uniform and for more information.  All WSC competitive players will need to purchase the new uniform kit.  

Spiritwear Sale!

Check back for our next Spiritwear Sale!

Academy Uniforms

All 2017-18 Academy players will need to order the new uniform by August 4, 2017.  Please see the uniform table during Player ID for details.  

Academy players order through their own store, and use a specific coupon code to cover the cost of included clothing items.  This code is available from the uniform table during Player ID, or by contacting Dee Kauffman directly at dkauffman@woodburysoccer.com.

Supporter Store

Blankets, mugs, decals, jackets, etc.  The Supporter's Store also carries uniform socks and shorts for purchase throughout the season.

Username - wscsupporter
Password -  wscsupporter

This store is ongoing - stock is limited to sizes available. All orders will ship via UPS within 2 business days or be delivered to the WAA building on the following Wednesday weekly.  


Visit the Store

Click on the link and scroll to the bottom of the new page to find our store

Username: wscsupporter
Password: wscsupporter