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Looking for Competitive Registration but can't register on-line?
Please contact your age group coordinator to check for availability in your age group before going to the WAA office.

In Person registration:
Register at the WAA Office, Monday-Friday between 2pm and 6pm.
WAA Office is located at 2630 Ojibway Drive, Woodbury, 55125

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Open Registrations

Spring Recreation Soccer

U5-U12 Boys and Girls

Spring Rec+

U8-U10 Boys and Girls who will be transitioning to our Competitive Program in 2015-2016

Summer Camps

Join the fun! - U5-U15 Boys and Girls. Camps for all abilities and levels!




Birthyear Guidelines
Fall 2014 – Summer 2015
Soccer Age Player Birthdate
U6 8-1-08 to 7-31-09
U7 8-1-07 to 7-31-08
U8 8-1-06 to 7-31-07
U9 8-1-05 to 7-31-06
U10 8-1-04 to 7-31-05
U11 8-1-03 to 7-31-04
U12 8-1-02 to 7-31-03
U13 8-1-01 to 7-31-02
U14 8-1-00 to 7-31-01
U15 8-1-99 to 7-31-00
U16 8-1-98 to 7-31-99
U17 8-1-97 to 7-31-98
U18 8-1-96 to 7-31-97
U19 8-1-95 to 7-31-96