Multi- Sport Athletes

Participating in multiple sports is encouraged as it promotes development both physically and mentally for our youth.   It can prevent athletic burn-out but also can be abused where burn out becomes the problem in trying to play too many higher level sports.  It’s true that the more athletic individuals typically are the better players. 

The key component that we all must be aware of is that playing at the highest level of any sport requires a level of commitment and practice.  Youth sports today have become almost year round at the highest levels of competition.  Right or wrong, when your child is evaluated and placed on a top level team, it comes with the territory, and the training commitment should not be a surprise.  Soccer is a team sport which requires a team commitment.  The variation in this commitment is a team to team, coach to coach and player to player decision. 

Each individual has their own set of special circumstances physically, financially and their other family commitments.  We encourage multiple sport athletes to play at Salvo but ask that you communicate with your coach/team as to your availability to practice in the off-season and be considerate on how that will play into the player’s skill development and the teams.  If you are unable to make the appropriate level of commitment to this team, we are not saying you cannot play soccer at Salvo, but playing on a team with a lower commitment level may be a more appropriate decision for the team and the player.