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Merger Information

Press Release

Responding to a growing soccer community, Woodbury Soccer Club and REV Soccer Club have joined forces to provide opportunities across all age groups and skill levels from Woodbury to Apple Valley, West St. Paul and Mendota Heights to Rosemount and Farmington and surrounding communities.

The structure allows for localized support of each individual community while maximizing development with greater options for individual players, regardless of level of engagement.

“This will provide opportunities for families to participate at the level and quality they deserve,” said Peter Rivard, Director of Coaching from Woodbury Soccer Club. “We will improve every aspect of what we do, from the recreational player to top players in the older age groups with quality on and off-field staff.”

This new organization will begin the transition this fall by creating an elite players program across the entire club geography offering those interested players the opportunity to play competitively at the highest level.

“Our opportunity to pull two great clubs together further enhances our ability to provide the best in development for players at all ages. Combining expertise and experience will elevate the merged club to new heights.” said Lisa Wolf, Executive Director at REV Soccer Club.

Additionally, this new organization will continue its tradition of partnering with local athletic associations, including its 20+ year partnership with the Woodbury Athletic Association. The new organization and WAA will continue to bring residents outstanding local programming with a mix of trained volunteer staff, former professional players, college and high school coaches. While fostering the relationships that already exist in our local communities, additional opportunities will be pursued to continue improving the soccer experience by enhancing the resources dedicated to player development.

A phased integration of the clubs is designed with transparency and minimal change to the players and their families. Changes will begin in the elite program as we roll out the 2018/2019 programming. All other programs will see limited changes in the first year.

In the immediate future, the organizations will be scheduling meetings and town halls to share information and ensure a smooth transition for all families.

Merger Information

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FAQs below

Town hall meeting schedule

Can't make your age group?  Come to the one that fits your schedule.

Next meetings will be TBD


Last Updated: 7/14/18

Can my child play multiple sports?
We welcome multi-sport athletes to play in our program.  We are happy to have them.

Considerations for families of multi-sport athletes:
- Families are making a commitment to a team
- If they are making a commitment to team that trains thru the winter we expect them to make every attempt to attend as much as possible and communicate to the coach well in advance of missing soccer
- Coaches will work with families to make things work
- Family's choice for their child doesn't mean that every family is fine with their choice and as a club we have to be thoughtful about the rest of the team.  If families are missing too much we will need to look at their involvement with the team they are on

EVERY SINGLE multi-sport conversation is an individual conversation and EVERY SINGLE family handles it differently.  As such the club will do our best to handle these on a case by case basis so it works for the family and the team.  Multi-sport athletes are valued in our club and will continue to be.  We will deal with them on a case by case basis so we can support their participation in multiple sports as long as possible.

If a family does not want to do any soccer in the winter because it conflicts with their other sport (for example basketball or hockey) then they should be thoughtful about the tier of play they participate in.

LAST TAKEAWAY - Multi-sport athletes CAN PLAY in our club.  

What about the spiritwear that was recently purchased? 
Our clubs will still show their colors for the next two years.  REV and Woodbury uniforms will still be worn by many players during the next few competitive seasons.  Both clubs have a great history this is not meant to replace that history but craft our future.

Do we have DA/ECNL? 
We do not.  We have applied for both and will continue to apply for both.  We were a finalist for US Soccer DA but US Soccer chose not to add any new clubs in Region 2 (midwest)

Is the new club too focused on those DA/ECNL programs? 
We are focused on opportunities for ALL of our players.

Why do they help the overall organization?
A soccer club is like an ecosystem.  Offering every level of programming attracts players and coaches that improve our club.  The best coaches in our state are attracted to working with the best teams but part of being in a club is doing more than just coaching “your” team.  It is about contributing to the club and jumping in with different player groups and mentoring lesser experienced coaches.  This environment creates a challenging, exciting, and desirable place to coach which has impact on everyone in the club.  

Why REV/WSC?  How will this merger make us better?
Each club brings unique features to the table that the other does not possess or previously has not had the expertise that would have pushed that program forward.  Now we will share these experiences.

We reference “little change” for the not Top Top teams - what will change?
Initially, most of the change will be behind the scenes as we align business practices and some aspects of how we teach soccer.  Over the course of the next few years all our club will transition to our name, logo, uniform(after we complete our current uniform cycle), and programming opportunities.  

Why didn’t you ask parents if they wanted this?
While we didn’t hold specific meetings or polls on merging, we do get feedback from families continually throughout the year.  Based on that feedback and the request for more/less training, better development, higher leagues and more options and opportunities, the board and staff determined after many months of discussions that merging the two clubs was the best answer to providing these opportunities and more for both groups.

Does this mean that we will be traveling farther for practice locations i.e. West St Paul dome or fields in Inver Grove. 
85% of our families will travel no further then they have.  15% will have a new opportunity that will require new travel.  If your family is not in the top top group there will not be many changes to your travel unless you choose to take advantage of an opportunity that is being offered in another location of our club.  

Will there be more competition for field house time.
There will not be more competition for field house time because there is always competition for field house time.  The ability to pool our resources should lessen this competition as in the past REV and WSC would have been asking for their own time now we will be able to maximize the time we request over two clubs.

April 14

What will change this summer?

Will we have a new logo?
YES but there will be a transition period.  REV and Woodbury Soccer Club logos will continue to have a presence in our club

Do we have a new logo?
NO the club is working with a marketing group to design this

Do we have a new name?
NO the club is working with a marketing group to design this

Will we do Player ID/Team Formation (tryouts) together?  
YES​ and NO - our Top Top(13-19) teams will have a shared Player ID/Team Formation (tryouts).  Everyone else will stay local.  People new to our club should pick the location that fits their family

Will we wear the same uniform?  
YES through 2019 with the exception of the Top Top(13-19) teams​

Will we practice where we live?  
YES practices will be in very similar places with the exception of the Top Top(13-19) teams​

Will Lisa still be in charge?  
YES, Lisa Wolf, the Executive Director of REV, will lead the business side of the club​

Will Peter still be in charge?  
YES, Peter Rivard, the Director of Coaching of WSC, will lead the soccer side of the club​

Will there be a Board?  
YES the Board will consist of members from each of our current Boards​

Will we still have tournaments?  

Will recreation soccer still be in Woodbury?  
YES all recreation programming is LOCAL!!!​

Will we have the same coaches?  
YES it will be like a normal year we will have some of the same and some new​

Will I still have the same teammates?  
YES it will be like a normal year we will have some of the same and some new​

Will fees go up?  
We do NOT know, these will be addressed at upcoming meetings​

Where do I register for soccer?
Register where you always have - www.revsoccer.org, www.woodburysoccer.com, www.waawoodbury.sportngin.com 

Will we be Nike or Adidas?  
REV and Top Top(13-19) teams will be Nike, Woodbury will transition to Nike after the current uniform cycle is complete

For any questions not covered - please contact us