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MYSA Game Procedures

MYSA League Check-in with the Digital Player Card

MYSA Affinity Training

MYSA League Team requirements for check-in

Teams MUST have jersey numbers and pictures entered or could risk forfeiting the game – there are far too many managers who have still not entered jersey numbers, urge them to do so!

Teams should be checked in using their digital player passes and game day roster. Teams CANNOT use physical printed passes to check-in for MYSA League games, and referees should not demand these nor a printed photo roster

Teams should have a mobile device on hand to show digital player passes if the referee crew cannot provide one

MYSA League Referee requirements for check-in and game scoring

Referees MUST use their affinity login to access the digital player card and scoring mobile web app

Referees should search for games using the game number, check-in teams and report scores and all cards/ejections after the game through the app. No more paper forms!

Why do we require a login to report scores? A referee’s Affinity login is tied to the fact that they have an approved background check. MYSA values player safety and one part of that is requiring an approved background check from all of its adult participants. If your referee says that they do not have an Affinity login, that should be a red flag that they do not have a background check and they should NOT be refereeing.